New Rates & Services (Starting May 1st)

Jablaze Production


Phone: (919)627-1076

Our Services

Business Cards                                           starting at $35.00

Brochures                                                  starting at $100.00

Logo                                                           starting at $150.00

Flyers                                                       starting $75.00

             Lawn Signs                                               starting at $50.00 per hour

Website Banners                                         starting at $50.00

Social Media and Marketing Consulting      $75 per hour (call for group sessions)

      Business-to-Business Marketing                 call for appointment

      Business to Business Gifts/ Cards               call for appointment

                  Virtual Assistance (Outsourced)                 starting at $25.00 per hour 

Other Promotional media*                                call for prices

 *lawn signs, car decals, t-shirt design, e-newsletter management,myspace or facebook page creation and much more!


Phone: (919)627-1076